6 Carlaw Ave
Unit 104
Toronto, Ontario

Emily Hughes has cat eye-brows.

Emily began her circus adventures at the ripe age of 8. Inspired by all forms of physical theatre, and as an alumnae of Ryerson's Acting Program, Emily has a great passion for storytelling and developing characters through movement. In 2009, she co-founded Hercinia as a means to combine her passions into creative, theatrical circus work. Performing since age 18, she's worked in many different capacities as an aerialist, from troupe member with Cirque Sublime on an Ontario touring show, to a large scale interactive circus installation (The Royal Flush, Fallsview Casino, Jenny-Anne McCowan & Thom Sokoloski), to creating her own work.

Performance highlights include creating magic as a Gargoyle (Hercinia), being suspended from a giant helium balloon (The 477th Greatest Show on Earth; Suspended Animation Circus), being a Wyrd sister (Weird;Theatre Arcturus), becoming an old lady (The Silver Starlettes/Grand Dee Circus; Hercinia) and being an aerial runway model (STRUTT: Wearable Art Show). Recently, Emily has also been exploring the aerial world through the lens of a camera, creating experimental films that combine aerial dance, narrative, and sometimes animation, with partner Evan DeRushie.