6 Carlaw Ave
Unit 104
Toronto, Ontario

Kirsten Edwards never lies.

Kirsten has been creating, teaching and performing professionally since 2006 after putting her ‘alternate’ career in law permanently on hold. She made her way to circus arts with stops in the worlds of equestrian sport, equestrian vaulting, literary academia and the legal profession.

Kirsten has shared her creation and performance talents with a variety of aerial, theatre and dance companies including Hercinia Arts Collective, Suspended Animation Circus, Zero Gravity Circus and Anandam Dancetheatre

Her creation highlights include producing “A Spectacle of Play”, a full length aerial theatre for which she created and choreographed a multi piece work entitled “The Chaos Project” and “The 477th Greatest Show on Earth”, a full length aerial show that takes place suspended from a giant helium balloon.