6 Carlaw Ave
Unit 104
Toronto, Ontario

The Chaos Project

A chaotic and visually stimulating aerial dance exploring the themes of Chaos & Predictability in everyday life. Composed of 3 separate, but interrelated vignettes, conceived and directed by Kirsten Edwards. Currently in development. → WATCH PREVIEW

Everlasting Slumber

A dark fairy tale told through aerial theatre, puppetry and projection, about a boy who falls and his family's consequential journey to come to terms with his loss. For children and adults alike. → View page

Gurgle, Splash!

A fun, interactive aerial theatre show for young children and families. Guided by the eccentric Lord Peasblossom, audiences will delight as our aerial rig "fishtank" comes to life with suspended sea creatures.→ View page

Lady Peasblossom

An aerial theatre installation featuring extremely Rare and Pernicious beasts. Lady Peasblossom is an eccentric lady with a collection of creature oddities that she likes to show off at her annual tea parties. → WATCH PREVIEW → View Gallery

Money Fish

These synchro swimmers meet flapper girls are seriously silly. Dance and acro skills round out their clownish audience interactions. → VIEW PAGE


Part guerilla aerial, part human statue, part theatrical character, our gargoyles climb and perch in contorted positions while engaging and delighting audiences with their comedic faces. → WATCH VIDEO → View Gallery

(Re)moving Graffiti

Combining guerrilla aerial with living art, performers in graffiti painted bodysuits roam the street, climbing on and blending in with the urban landscape; bringing an awareness of the line between vandalism and art. → View Gallery

Canadian Wildlife

Originally created for Canada Day celebrations in Mississauga, these slow-moving maple trees on stilts and agile deer dancers are the perfect fit for any outdoor event. → View Gallery

Adventure Series: Urban Safari

Witness tourists, lost on safari, as they attempt to find their way back to camp by climbing and balancing on whatever they can find in their urban environment that might give a better perspective on their surroundings. → View Gallery

Urban Growth

Human plant-life climb and contort in the most unusual spaces, reminding us that sometimes nature appears where we least expect it. A unique blend of modern dance, acrobatics and our signature guerilla aerial. → View Gallery

HASA: The Aerial Space Show

An intergalactic aerial circus adventure into outer space where the sky is, literally, the limit. → WATCH VIDEO→ View Gallery

The Stupendous Silver Sisters

(formerly 'The Grand Dee Circus') Opportunity strikes when these grey-haired ladies happen upon an abandoned busking pitch. "The show must go on!" so they take to the stage and sky for the most hilarious and unexpected display of aerial expertise and acrobatic stunts imaginable! → WATCH VIDEO→ View Gallery

The Flying Machine

An ode to steampunk, where an inventor and her minions work to create a machine that can fly through space and time. Delight in her aerial experiments in this brand new Hercinia show, featuring stilts, lyra, corde lisse and duo dance trapeze. → WATCH VIDEO→ View Gallery