6 Carlaw Ave
Unit 104
Toronto, Ontario

Everlasting Slumber There was a tree and it was called Dream, and in the tree there was a snake called Nightmare.

When a young boy falls, he enters into a wonderland-like dream world. There, his family attempts to come to terms with his loss, while an evil snake barrs the path to enlightenment. An enchanting story told through puppetry, projected animation, aerial silks, hoop, rope and hula hoop. Created by Kirsten Harvey, Molly Keczan, Jasper Empson and Emily Hughes, with music by Waylen Miki.

Everlasting Slumber debuted summer 2012 at the London Fringe. The Beat magazine proclaimed it "magical" and Theatre in London called it "a storybook come to life." It has since been performed at Hamilton Fringe 2013, and our self-produced A Spectacle of Play.