Street Performance



Money fish

“Where’s the Water!?” Money Fish are a zany acrobatic trio of fish-like synchronized swimmers - on land! Seriously silly in matching gold swimsuits, green swim caps & flippers, the Money Fish have prepared their world class acrobatic synchro routine for this special audience presentation. A highly interactive act, the Money Fish are very playful and often over-the-top silly. Audiences can’t help but join in the fun!



A roaming act that is part guerrilla aerial, part human statue and part theatrical character, our gargoyles climb and perch in contorted positions while engaging and delighting audiences with their comedic faces. Featured at the 2015 Dubai Comedy Festival.


(Re)moving Graffiti

(re)moving Graffiti is a performance art installation where performers in Graffiti and mural painted bodysuits interact with their landscape to create moveable human art. Performers draw on backgrounds in aerial, dance, acro balance, contortion, hand balancing and physical theatre to create engaging and unexpected images in any urban setting.



These dancing forest creatures will surprise spectators as they quickly transform from natural statues to prancing and frolicking companions. These curious and playful creatures delight both children and adults and are a great interactive character for festivals and street level events! They leap and dance through audiences leaving them enchanted by their playful interactions.



These slow-moving stilt creatures bring the energy of nature to any event. Witness a living forest take life around you bringing an element of magic and whimsy.


Moose On the loose

An ode to Canadian wildlife, our oversized moose are the perfect photo-op for any celebratory Canadian event.



hasa: The aerial space show

An aerial circle show homage to outer space! HASA: The Aerial Space Show brings together high skilled aerial acts, like the kind you would see in a Cirque-style performance, into one intergalactic show. As the spaceship prepares to take off the aerial explorers of Hercinia Arts Collective embark on a mission to boldly go where no circus show has gone before. A variety of aerial acts including aerial hoop, straps and silks represent a sublime picture of the cosmos - dangerous and exciting. The show is then topped off with our incredible partner aerial act, as we take audiences beyond their imaginations into new realms never seen before.


the stupendous silver sisters

Opportunity strikes when these grey-haired ladies happen upon an abandoned busking pitch. "The show must go on!" so they take to the stage and sky for the most hilarious and unexpected display of aerial expertise and acrobatic stunts imaginable!

A comedic aerial circle show featuring acrobatics, slapstick humour and high skilled aerial acts, this troupe knows how to win over the hearts of their fans with their quirky interactions and stupendous skills. Reminiscing about their hay day in the spotlight as former circus performers, these grannies perform acts that nobody else their age can do, sometimes even surprising themselves in the process.


the flying machine

A street/festival aerial show dedicated to finding whimsy and imagination in every audience member, young and old. Created as an ode to steampunk, The Flying Machine ingeniously proposes that aerial apparatus are indeed types of “flying machines”. Using aerial rope (corde lisse), lyra, stilt dance and dance trapeze, the quirky Professor Leedle Deedle Beedle takes her audience on a tour of her latest and most spectacular “flying” inventions.