Original Contemporary Circus and Interdisciplinary Productions.

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Birds of flight

Birds of Flight is a 30 minute contemporary circus performance centring around the interactions of three Canadian birds. Told through a mixture of physical theatre and the spectacular language of aerial dance on lyra, corde lisse and aerial silks, these birds explore what it means to fly as they navigate the Toronto landscape in each of our backyards.

Concept: Natalie Parkinson
Choreography/Creation: Emily Hughes, Natalie Parkinson & the Artists
Direction: Emily Hughes

Past Productions:
2016 - Canada Day at Celebration Square in Mississauga
2017 - Canada Days in Nathan Phillips & Mel Lastman Squares
2018 - Earl Bales Park, Toronto, part of Arts in the Parks with support from Toronto Arts Council


I Fear

‘I Fear’ is an improvised performance on aerial silks and cello based on audience suggestions. Throughout the evening audience members are invited to write down their fears and hang these on a line surrounding the aerial rig and to read and interact with others’ fears. At various intervals aerialists select fears from the line and perform an improvised act based on the fear read with the accompaniment of a live cellist.

Concept: Emily Hughes

Past Productions:
2018 - Nuit Blanche North, Hunstville
2019 - In the Soil Arts Festival, St Catharines


Everlasting Slumber

A dark fairy tale told through circus-theatre. When a young boy falls, he enters into a wonderland-like dream world. There, his family attempts to come to terms with his loss, while an evil snake bars the path to enlightenment. An enchanting story told through puppetry, projected animation, aerial silks, hoop, rope and hula hoop.

Created & Performed by: Kirsten Harvey, Emily Hughes, Molly Keczan & Jasper Empson
Music: Waylen Miki


Lady Peasblossom’s Sanctuary (for extremely Rare and Pernicious beasts)

An aerial theatre installation featuring extremely Rare and Pernicious beasts. Lady Peasblossom is an eccentric lady with a collection of creature oddities that she likes to show off at her annual tea parties. Conceived and directed by Emily Hughes.

past productions:
2009 - Hercinia Arts Studio - workshop showing
2009 - Zoofest, Montreal


The chaos Project

A chaotic and visually stimulating aerial dance exploring the themes of Chaos & Predictability in everyday life. Composed of 3 separate, but interrelated vignettes, conceived and directed by Kirsten Edwards. Currently in development.


the living mural

An interdisciplinary performance art installation involving visual art, dance, circus and theatre. A mural artist live paints a wall and performers who in turn interpret the visual art through movement, imprinting the artwork in an expanded landscape and drawing the public into the art.

past productions:
2018 - In the Soil Arts Festival, St Catharines ON
creation: Emily Hughes with support from the Ontario Arts Council/Suitcase in Point Theatre through their Theatre Recommender Grants
choreographer: Natayu Mildenberger
visual artist: Chad McDonald



Akasha is an animated film that uses aerial and dance to explore one woman’s connection to the elements. A collaboration with director/animator Evan DeRushie, the film uses a form of rotoscope animation called “Lunamation”.

Commissioned by TAIS, the film made its debut as part of Nuit Blanche 2011. It has since played in a number of festivals worldwide.

director: Evan DeRushie
concept: Emily Hughes
performers/choreographers: Molly Keczan & Emily Hughes
sound design: Christopher Willes
created with support from: Art4Commuters, OneStop Media, Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council


‘c’ is for circus

A fun alphabet video that made in collaboration with animator Evan DeRushie.

Hercinia artists celebrate their love of circus by using their bodies to form letters of the alphabet!

concept/art direction: Emily Hughes
Photography/Sound/Editing: Evan DeRushie
Performers: Sandra Crljenica, Molly Keczan, Emily Hughes, Zita Nyarady, Kadri Hansen and Kirsten Edwards

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Benched is a contemporary circus film set entirely on a park bench, in which a stranger helps a young woman turn her perspective upside-down.

concept/direction: Emily Hughes
cinematography: Evan DeRushie
performers: Christopher Taylor & Molly Keczan
Music: Raha Javanfar & Arif Mirabdolbaghi