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This summer we are bringing back one of our favourite outdoor shows, The Stupendous Silver Sisters.

Opportunity strikes when these grey-haired ladies happen upon an abandoned busking pitch. "The show must go on!" so they take to the stage and sky for the most hilarious and unexpected display of aerial expertise and acrobatic stunts imaginable!
A comedic aerial circle show featuring acrobatics, slapstick humour and high skilled aerial acts, this troupe knows how to win over the hearts of their fans with their quirky interactions and stupendous skills. Reminiscing about their hay day in the spotlight as former circus performers, these grannies perform acts that nobody else their age can do, sometimes even surprising themselves in the process.

Catch our “Grannies” at the following Summer Festivals and Events:
Dundas Buskerfest - June 7-9th
Turtlefest, Tillsonburg - June 14th
Oakville - July 19th
Carrotfest, Bradford - August 16th
Flagstaff Park, Etobicoke - Friday August 16 - Sunday August 18th, 7:30pm Show followed by a FREE workshop at 8pm, part of Arts in the Parks and funded by Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation
Parkway Forest Park, North York
- Friday August 23- Sunday August 25th, 7:30pm Show followed by a FREE workshop at 8pm, part of Arts in the Parks and funded by Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation



Featuring Art by:
Angola Murdoch & Diane McGrath Lokos
Mary-Margaret Scrimger & Elisa Aloise
Zita Nyarady
Kinga Zak & dancers
Jackie Houghton & Jackie McCaffrey
Natalie Allgyer
Jordana Greenblatt & Allison K Cole
Mikaela Demers, Amanda Pye, Annelisa Hawrylak, Isa Estrada & Nickeshia Garrick

Art parties are gatherings in which art displays, happenings and performances blend into an experiential event. Wander, socialize, mingle, explore and become immersed in/inspired by art.

$20* in advance
$25* at the door
or $15* if you bring a food item to share/volunteer as helper
All proceeds after expenses will be split evenly amongst participating artists.
*We realize this cost may be prohibitive for some people and are happy to offer alternate rates or energy exchanges as needed. Please contact us to make arrangements.


‘I FEAR’ at the in the soil arts festival

‘I Fear’ is an improvised performance on aerial silks and cello based on audience suggestions. Throughout the featival audience members will be invited to write down something that “I fear” about the present or future and to place it on a hanging line surrounding the aerial rig and to read and interact with others’ fears. At various intervals, aerial performers will take turns selecting fears from the line, reading them aloud and performing an improvised act based on the fear read with the accompaniment of a live cellist. Throughout the improvisation audience members will be encouraged to shout out words or phrases of support and hope which the performers will react to, allowing room for a cathartic release from the original fear presented and a multi-layered emotional performance reflective of the time we live in.

Catch ‘I Fear’ at In the Soil 2019, June 8th and 9th, details TBA.

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 11.30.24 AM.png

Work Fish

In need of a new workout regime for 2019? Our Money Fish have you covered. A silly, but seriously hard workout video that is sure to get those circus muscles pumping and ribs jiggling.

filmed by: Kaylens
edited by: Emily Hughes
fish: Natalie Parkinson, Sandra Crljenica & Emily Hughes

Catch our Money Fish next at The Montreal Clown Festival, Sept 18-22, 2019.



On March 22, 2019 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a cabaret spectacular at The Redwood Theatre in Toronto. HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and to our incredible performers and tech team that made the event such an astounding success. Stay tuned for more cabarets in future.